The Glass Key 2014 goes to…

The Scandinavian Crime Foundation (SKS) has the pleasure of announcing that their great award, The Glass Key 2014, will be awarded to the Norwegian author, Gard Sveen, for his novel ”Den siste pilegrimen” (The Last Pilgrimage).

This is his debut novel, and is thus the first in a planned series about the investigative detective, Tommy Bergmann, who is trying to piece together a connection between a murder during the summer of 2003 and a skeletal finding from World War II.

Not only has he won the Glass Key as a debutante author – he also won the Riverton Award. This is the first debutante who is awarded with both awards since Jo Nesbø in 1998.

Gard Sveen (1969-) is the senior adviser in the Norwegian Department of Defense.

The other nominees for this year’s Glass Key was:
Simon Pasternak (Denmark)
Reijo Mäki: Sherrifi (Finland)
Christoffer Carlsson: (Sweden)
(Iceland did not have a candidate this year)

This year, at the crime festival, Krimimessen, the three candidates from Norway, Sweden and Denmark were introduced to the enthusiastic readers, along with last year’s winner, Jørn Lier Horst.

Gard Sveen and last year's Winner of the Glass Key, Jørn Lier Horst at the Crime Festival this year.
Gard Sveen and last year’s winner of the Glass Key, Jørn Lier Horst, at the Crime Festival, Krimimessen (2014).

Facts about the Glass Key:
The Glass Key, the award given by SKS, has gotten its name after the classic novel by Dashiell Hammetts, “The Glass Key”. It is given out every year to the best Nordic crime literary works (novels or collection of short stories). Each of the five Nordic countries has a jury which nominate a national candidate. This is followed up by a vote, where all the jury members vote on who should get the price, the honour and a very real glass key from Nybro glassworks in Småland, Sweden.

SKS is a regional, independent organisation within Asociación Internacional de Escritores Policíacos (AIEP).

Former winners of the Glass Key:
2013 Jørn Lier Horst: Jakthundene (The hunting dogs), Norway
2012 Erik Valeur: Det syvende barn (The seventh child), Denmark
2011 Leif G.W. Persson: Den döende detektiven (The dying detective), Sweden
2010 Jussi Adler-Olsen: Flaskepost fra P (The message that arrived in a bottle), Denmark
2009 Johan Theorin: Nattfåk (The darkest room), Sweden
2008 Stieg Larsson: Luftslottet som sprängdes (The girl who kicked the hornets’ nest), Sweden
2007 Matti Rönkä: Ystävät kaukana (Far away friends), Finland
2006 Stieg Larsson: Män som hatar kvinnor (The girl with the dragon tattoo), Sweden
2005 Anders Roslund & Börge Hellström: Odjuret (Beast), Sweden
2004 Kurt Aust: Hjemsøkt (Haunted), Norway
2003 Arnaldur Indriðason: Grafarþögn (Silence of the grave), Iceland
2002 Arnaldur Indriðason: Mýrin (Jar City), Iceland
2001 Karin Alvtegen: Saknad (Missing), Sweden
2000 Håkan Nesser: Carambole (Hour of the wolf), Sweden
1999 Leif Davidsen: Limes billede (Lime’s photography), Denmark
1998 Jo Nesbø: Flaggermusmannen (The Bat), Norway
1997 Karin Fossum: Se dig inte om! (Don’t look back), Norway
1996 Fredrik Skagen: Nattsug (Night swoon), Norway
1995 Erik Otto Larsen: Masken i spejlet, Denmark
1994 Kim Småge: Sub rosa, Norway
1993 Peter Høeg: Frøken Smillas fornemmelse for sne (Smilla’s sense of snow), Denmark
1992 Henning Mankell: Mördare utan ansikte (Faceless killers), Sweden

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